Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert team of Construction Estimators & Material takeoff specialists has a huge portfolio that revolves around Construction estimates for bidding, Design estimate, Budget planning, quality control of bids and procurement.

Multiple service elements come together in construction. It requires planning and preparation for the use of hundreds of building materials as well as the services of several independent contractors. The quality of the structure is determined by many components, requiring a well-planned strategy for their application.
With his expertise and experience in building homes, a good contractor takes great care of these to produce the greatest possible construction that meets your needs and budget.
A house in New Zealand typically takes 5-10 months to construct. It does not always imply that you will need 5-10 months to complete the project. There is a large reserve period included accounting for common barriers such as labor issues, material shortages, weather, and strikes, which can all affect building on a job site.
Given all of these considerations, it appears that 5-10 months is a reasonable time frame for a customer to expect the house to be built. It is possible for us in special circumstances where the customer requires the house to be built in a considerably shorter period.
The construction cost would be agreed upon at the run time. At the same moment, the customer would be informed of any additional elements that could be charged in addition to the regular contractor rate. These extra parts would be included solely at the request of the customer, allowing the enterprise to guarantee a standard construction charge for the entire structure.
Additional charges, as well as additional labor, would be paid only when additional elements are included as a result of a customer request.

Construction management is a service that handles the planning, coordinating, monitoring, and management of construction. It manages the project from start to finish through specific project management methodologies and it also manage the material cost etc. used during construction.

Unlike larger construction firms, our directors are active in every project. We focus on completing your projects with high standards and offer our clients satisfaction in our ability to provide excellent results. When working with larger firms, you risk having many (and frequently changing) project managers, which results in communication problems and a less-than-productive experience.
Our services include:
Civil Construction & Infrastructure: TILG offers utility and infrastructure construction services, including design, engineering, permitting, inspection, commissioning, testing, and construction management.
Renovation: Design and plan your renovation project, Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.
Project Management: Cost estimation can help you determine the cost of your project, which is necessary to get a proper estimate of the project.
Landscaping & Outdoor Living: We do landscaping, outdoor renovation, and other residential landscaping and construction.