Our construction process of a subdivision or community center involves the selection of a site, planning the design, getting permits, and construction. In some cases, the subdivision or community center is planned and then contracted out to a builder, who is in charge of building the actual structure. The site plan can be reviewed at any time before the structure actually is built.

land clearence

Land Clearance and Levelling

It often entails the removal of any machinery or equipment, unwanted extra materials, debris, holes, and so on from a site. Site clearing may also entail the removal of vegetation and surface soil, as well as leveling the surface and preparing the site for the planned building activities. We provide Land clearance and leveling services for civil construction, which includes land clearing, road leveling, road construction, ditch covering on-road, renovation, etc. Our engineers are specialized in leveling the land in rehabilitation and construction.


Landscaping/Lawn Preparation

Landscape services include the preparation of new areas, the removal, and replacement of existing turf, landscaping designs, and installation and maintenance of landscape planters. Lawn care and landscaping are one of the most important services for any type of yard. Turf Care by Certified Landscape Contractors like TILG provides professional lawn care and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Natural stone retaining walls give a defined border and degree of clarity to sections of your landscape where they are used. Whether you pick a retaining wall for its beauty or practical value, it is always necessary to have it built by a competent company. Our services include the design, construction, and maintenance of retaining walls and retaining wall systems. They can be used to create an attractive and safe landscape. A wall retaining service can also correct other issues such as uneven wall heights and overhanging walls.

Building Platform

Building Platforms

Building platforms are the primary means by which our civil construction projects are created. They are the hard, physical foundation of any structure which needs to achieve a specific level of height or elevation, such as a flagpole or water tower. They are also used to stabilize a structure, provide a sturdy platform for a bridge, or support a deck for a vehicle or boat. Our engineer typically constructs building platforms using a steel trestle frame, steel or wooden decking, and wooden or vinyl deck supports.